On vacation!

Back Dec 1st – all orders placed this week will process in the first week of December.  See you then!

A pile of Bowslingers!

Color test shots in full packaging have arrived, and look spectacular! We’re about 2-3 weeks away from receiving the first batch, which will go mostly to our initial store distributors and our awesome Indiegogo contributors!  

The Mold!

We got mold pics from the manufacturer – check it out in all it’s hardened steel glory!  

The Story, Part 1

The story of Bowslinger began sometime around January 2014. when browsing around for laser cut rubber band guns.   The selection wasn’t that great, most of them were the ratchet type.  Ratchet is a good format for laser cutting (Check out Bandit Guns), but we wanted the classic style – a fast firing, laser cut 6-shooter.  None were […]

Follow us!

The social media accounts are now open for business!  Stay updated to all the Bowslinger progress by following us on Twitter and Facebook.  Hope to see you there!

The Website is Up!

Almost all of our time and efforts have been spent on the actual engineering side of the project – we’ve completely neglected getting the site up and running!  Until now. Welcome to, home of the Bowslinger Loom Band Gun and other coming projects.  Check back soon for new updates on #Bowslinger development and other […]