Get the World’s Only Rainbow Loom Rubberband Gun!

Bowslinger is a compact rubber band 6-shooter specifically designed for Rainbow Loom bands.  It flings all varieties of loom bands at incredible speeds! Great for office warfare, dorm mischief, or living room target practice! Colors shown are not as vibrant as the real thing, due to limitations in our photography.  The actual colors are nearly identical to the colors of LEGO bricks, as the Bowslinger is made with the same material and molding process.  So if you’d like to see a better representation of the rich, deep color – just grab some LEGO bricks!

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The Original Bowslinger – Red


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The Original Bowslinger – Purple


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The Original Bowslinger – Blue


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The Original Bowslinger – Green


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The Original Bowslinger – Yellow


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The Original Bowslinger Rainbow Pack.

All 5 colors at a special discount price!


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